10 Feb

Covid is not the only pandemic. Depression and anxiety in our children is another pandemic, that is on the rise. Depression and anxiety in children have doubled since the start of the Covid pandemic (https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2021/08/depression-and-anxiety-doubled-children-pandemic-study-says). I know that this is also an issue among adults and this book can also help give insight and tools to adults. I wrote this book because my own children and myself, have had emotional distress during this time and some of the families and children that I work with. I created, "The Sad Sloth: and How He Changed His Story," to give families and children tools to help regulate their emotions. Emotions and the way we react to them can also lead to physical pain and affect development for children. The point of this book is not just to give families and children tools but to help children understand that it is okay to feel their feelings. It is when you feel that you are approaching a lack of control or are tired of feeling a certain way, that you should use these tools. The Sad Sloth was tired of feeling sad. He learned strategies to help him feel new feelings. He shares his strategies in this book. He still sets aside time to feel sad. This is important because he is not ignoring his feelings, however is not letting them control him. Learn more about, "The Sad Sloth," by following him on Instagram and stay tuned for the launch date of this must have book! My book, that I am happy to share with you. https://www.instagram.com/frank_the_sad_sloth/ 

-Marlene Mireles PT, DPT 

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