Whole Motion provides TOP NOTCH Physical Therapy

Concierge Physical Therapy Services: Coming Soon to Southern IL

You don't need to wait in traffic to rush to your Physical Therapy session. Our Physical Therapists come to you! It's time to make the time and save time, by taking advantage of our concierge services. ***Coming Soon: to Souther IL** Not available in Virginia or Texas**

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Pediatric Telehealth

Has your child be diagnosed with a disorder that is affecting your child's movement? Is your child attempting to participate with his/her peers but can't? Are you worried because your child is 18 months old and not walking? Call us for a consultation to see if Telehealth is appropriate for your family.

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Telehealth for Adults

Telehealth is becoming more popular due to Covid and people's busy schedules. Call us today to see if you are an appropriate candidate for Telehealth Services.

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